Vitae features strong, mythical vocals in yet undiscovered languages, from Greek and English to the
ethereal sounds of the elves. Texts from William Blake, Rumi, through to Tolkien are skillfully
woven into artistic melodies, which conjure up times long past, when ancient tribes danced around
stone circles and revelled in their bond with the forces of nature.
An array of instruments including cello, flute, cister, drums, dulcimer, guitars, percussion and
monochord create a skillful symbiosis between old and new, which wafts the listener away into a
magical world. The album Spirit will appeal especially to anyone who enjoys bands such as Dead
Can Dance, Daemonia Nymphe, Faun, Gothik, through to Pagan Folk.
Musical guests on the album: Joran (Elane), Bianca Stücker , Tybalt (Kyoll), Georg Berger (The
House of Usher), Fanny Herbst (Brisinga)

Line up:
Svenja Niedergriese – vocals, percussion
Oliver Pietsch – cister, monochord, percussion, guitars
Stephan Müller – bass
Sarah Braasch – vocals, cello, flute

Johanna Bonnekoh - vocals, hammered dulcimer, bodhrán

Jenny Kalbitz - vocals, percussion, dance